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10 on 10…the March edition

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Today didn’t go as planned.  It was supposed to be our first outing since Tatyanna’s hospital stay in December.  The lung issues that she has had over the past few weeks seemed to have cleared and I thought a trip out would be good for us all.  Note, where I live, during the winter months, “out” is really only trips to super fun places like the grocery store or the mall.  There is nothing else.  Really.  But at this point, a trip to Safeway is on par with Disney World and I was optimistic that there would be opportunities for some fun photos.  Unfortunately Battens decided to rear its ugly head and we began the day with a particularly nasty seizure, the third one in as many days.  Home it is.   Alas.

While Tatyanna slept off the effects of the seizure, Lexi decided that she was feeling the creative bug today and felt that her dad made the perfect canvas.  He did not quite share in her enthusiasm.

We decided to channel her artistic energy onto paper instead.

Looking better. 🙂


Followed by more art….

There should have been an after photo here….but I remembered….. after.  This is why I will never be a good food photographer.

Loose teeth must be wiggled…always.

Fingers crossed and hoping that next month’s 10 on 10 will feature slightly less couch.  I am so very ready for winter to be over!

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10 on 10, the february edition

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Early morning snuggling over cartoons…and afternoon movies…and an evening Bones marathon. (we did do things other than watch tv today…I promise!)

Breakfast where the line between food and fun was distinctly fuzzy.

Fun and photos really can happen together…without bribery

First smiles in over a week….that lasted long after the sun went down.

Fresh baked cookies

and lengthy discussion as to whether Perrier in a Han Solo cup is zen like in its balance or simply an inappropriate contradiction.

It was the sort of day that ended with the hope that we could do it all over again, tomorrow.

10 on 10 – the October edition

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Note to self: waiting until the day before it’s due to shoot your 10 on 10 in not a good idea.  Mostly because I tend to feel panicked by the looming deadline and then go and shoot pretty much the exact same thing ever month.  It’s like I have an unwitting 10 on 10 template in my head.  Next month I will change it up a little.

I hope.


While I dislike the shorter days, I do love that I can see gorgeous sunrises, every morning, at a humane hour.

The morning routine….with a smile.

The its-a-day-off-school-and-way-too-cold-too-play-outside-extra-cartoon stupor

“I can’t stop drinking the coffee.  If I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting into sentence doing.”

Yeah, that’s me to a t.

Did you know that I love coffee?

I thought so.

For those that don’t do coffee, there is always the nap™.

I am on to you cat.  Your cute exterior and big blue eyes don’t fool me.

I currently taking a workshop from Deb Schwedhelm…and it’s awesome. Today I decided to take advantage of Lexi’s reluctance to be photographed and used her for an idea that I had for an assignment.

“Lexi, can you help me…it will only take a minute. All you have to do is stand there and look unhappy…..and you can have a lollipop.”

Is it wrong to bribe your kids with candy to help you with your homework?

The perk to having a kid in grade 2?  They can finally help out with the bedtime story routine.  Although, I’m fairly certain that she chose The Lorax because she has it memorized. 🙂


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10 on 10 – the August edition

Friday, August 10th, 2012

4 disclaimers before starting:

1.Tatyanna was very under-represented in this month’s installment.  It was not my intent. Rather, she was having a sleepy sort of day and has a tendency to sleep with her eyes half open…and only the whites showing.

2. Trent assures you that like Victoria Beckham, he is happy…very happy….on the inside….it just doesn’t always translate into photographs.

3.  Lexi’s words this morning, “mommy, you can take my picture – but I am not going to look at the camera.”  And so she didn’t.

4.  Lexi has worn the same dress for 3 10 on 10’s in a row. She does have other clothes…..apparently she just doesn’t like to wear them.





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10 on 10 the July edition

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

What 5:30 often looks like in my house.   Many nights we play musical beds.  I think I lost the game last night as Lexi and Tatyanna are in the big bed and Trent is in Tatyanna’s bed.   That empty space on the bottom right?  That’s mine. 🙂

Also? Tatyanna is still going….from some time yesterday.   It has been a long night.  We have watched much Dora.

But, it is another sunny day!

Perfect for going to the lake.  (who needs sleep?)   I had great intentions of taking beautiful, sunny, beachy photos.  The reality is that I sat in the shade with Tatyanna, ate pina colada cupcakes and caught up with a friend.  I took the camera out once…for about two minutes.

Post beach down time.

Short in stature but definitely not personality.

Supper – the picture really doesn’t do it justice.  Vegetables and feta marinated in balsamic, olive oil and garlic, wrapped up in these funky cedar sheets and tossed on the bbq.  I could live on these.

Definitely not a bedtime story.

10 on 10, the June edition

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

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10 on 10 – the April edition

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

I debated participating in this month’s 10 on 10 to the point that I lost sleep over it.  This day wasn’t supposed to go quite this way.  The plan was to set out on a road trip to my cousin’s farm filled with this spring’s batch of lambs and piglets  followed by a newborn shoot in a beautiful, sunny Victorian house.  Apparently reality had a different idea.

With the exception of the flowers, they are all just straight out of the camera snap shots taken when the air had finally calmed and I could finally exhale.  But, since I haven’t really picked up my camera since that day, I’m going to go with it.

“Mommy I made Tatyanna a bouquet!  Do you like it?  I found the flowers in grandma’s garbage.”  Grandma owns a flowers shop so even “garbage flowers” are still pretty nice.  (It’s always interesting to see what Lexi will be wearing when she comes to the hospital to visit.  Today it was the ubiquitous brown dress, pajama bottoms and two different shoes.)

I love watching how Tatyanna’s siblings all rally around her and show their love and support in such different ways.  From Lexi’s flowers and Keirnan’s worried glances to Skylar’s texts that saw right through my evasiveness during the first harried moments, they are a pretty awesome bunch of kids.


Since these were taken on the 5th, I am happy to let you know that Tatyanna has since recovered and is back home.  In fact, the course of heavy hitting broad spectrum antibiotics seems to have done her a world of good and the difference is like night and day.  Last night she kept us awake for hours with her giggling and it occurred to me that it has been over a month since I last heard her laugh.  Needless to say, I’m drinking my coffee extra strong this morning with a smile on my face and a feeling of peace.

Here’s hoping that we are back on track and next months 10 on 10 will be filled with hazy back light images of spring time fun.

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10 on 10 the March edition

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

The daily grind. Most mornings start more or less like this (although usually without the soap scum graffiti) :

First loose tooth!  All of her friends started loosing their teeth long ago, poor Lexi thought her turn would never come.  Needless to say, she’s pretty pleased.

Mr. Bodacious * is feisty this morning.  My forearm has the scratches to prove it.  He is supposed to be a barn cat but alas, I’m a complete softie and let him, and all the others, in when they come to the door.
*this is what happens when teenagers name pets….although when Lexi had her turn, the cat was named “Box” so maybe it doesn’t matter.

It’s been a relatively turbulent few weeks for my sweet girl, but so far so good today!

We have friends coming over tonight for Mongolian hotpot.  I couldn’t think of an authentic dessert so we decided on cupcakes.  White Russian cupcakes to be exact.  Not even remotely Chinese, but super tasty.  Alcohol free for the kiddos, for the adults…not so much 😉

Normally her nose is perpetually in my face.  Athena has zero concept of personal space and enjoys a “what’s yours is mine” and “aren’t things so much more fun when we do them together….like conjoined twins” mentality in that regard.

Buckwheat noodles.  I feel bad that it’s really all I have to show as an image for tonight’s awesomeness.  Sorry!  Good friends, good food…in excess quantities, good times.  🙂

After years of school, followed by years of university, you’d think I’d learn not to be up getting things done at 130 the night before they are due….and yet here I am; too tired for words…literally,  but I made it, just in time for another edition of the  10 on 10.

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10 on 10 – the February edition

Friday, February 10th, 2012

It’s hard work being the sib to a Batten’s kiddo.  Aside from the obvious, there are all the little things that add up.  In our house plans don’t get made in advance and too often my kids hear “I hope so” or “Ummmm….we’ll see… it depends”.

There have been far too many occasions where I should have been there for them but couldn’t because I was at their sister’s side taking care of her needs.  It’s not that I love Tatyanna more or that she is more important but I will fully admit (with a heaping side of mom guilt) that she often takes priority.  That’s why days like today are so important.  It’s not always easy trying to co-ordinate the schedules of our family but we make sure that each kid has something to call their own.  Keirnan has sports, Skylar is active in band and music and for Lexi, this year, it is Irish dance.  Today, it was her day to shine.


It’s another frosty morning.

Frosty mornings make me giddy with anticipation of all the fun macro opportunities. Alas, today is quite windy and I have to stay in the shelter of the house leaving me with dead grass and patio furniture.

Still sleeping.  Since she danced 2 performances last night, I just let her sleep.  Today is going to be intense.

Intense days require rocket fuel.

We arrive at the Irish Pavillion for our city’s cultural festival.  Stage makeup is applied.  Socks are glued on.   (the very idea of gluing on one’s socks makes me smile)

She is ready to go.

Last minute pep talk from the instructor…

(for my fellow photogs- I often get asked how the D700 handles low light, the following were all taken at an ISO of 6400 with no noisware applied.)

Watching the more experienced dancers perform.

A few minutes of down time between shows.

And then we head back out and do it all again…..every two hours until the last performance at 9pm.

You’d think she’d be tired after all that but really, not so much.  At 11pm, she was still jumping on the bed.

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10 on 10 – the January edition

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

As one of my projects for the new year I’ve committed to a 10 on 10 project with a group of 10 talented photographers.  The idea is that, over the course of a day, we will take at least 10 photos and then post them on the 10th of every month.

This would be a much better idea if I actually chose to do it on a day that involved going somewhere fun and exciting….but I’m a chronic procrastinator and found myself taking pictures the day before they were due and then scrambling to get this entry  up and set to post for tomorrow morning.  Today Tatyanna and I stayed home while everyone else went back to school/work after the Christmas break, not terribly exciting. But we had fun. 🙂


Good morning sunshine.   Looks like we are off to a good start today!  We then spend the next hour or so being silly and having fun.

After the last few mellower days, today is all the more awesome.  But, all that happy takes up a lot of energy.  While Tatyanna has a nap, I take pics of dead weeds…..outside…without a jacket….in January….in Canada.  It’s that nice out today – much too nice to be inside folding laundry or organizing cupboards.

She’s awake again

Time to get dressed and do some stretching and standing.  (home renos=missing pantry doors)

With Tatyanna otherwise engaged,

making cookies sounds like a good idea.  Cranberry, chocolate chip?  Worth a try.

As I snapped this I was told, “How about you go and take some more photos of Tatyanna.  I think you have enough of me.”  Interesting considering she just walked through the door.  Since I have a workshop coming up, I oblige.  I will probably need her to co-operate later this week.

(there was a trip into town in which groceries were purchased, supper was eaten, teenaged kid was picked up from a basketball game….but I realized after we left that the camera was still sitting at home.)

Bed time for the younger set. 🙂


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