Anatomy of a Tube Change

Supplies out, ready to go.

It actually looks more complicated than it is.  Since Tatyanna has been gt fed for 3 years now, her site and the tract into her stomach are well healed.  It’s sort of like changing an earring….a very large earring….a very large earring that goes into her stomach instead of her ear or some other more conventional body part.  Tatyanna is an old pro at this and  barely registers that I’m doing anything.  She pauses to look at me with vague annoyance when I accidentally knock over her ipad and goes back to happily watching her movie.  Even though I’ve changed out many  mic-keys over the years there is always a moment  right before I insert the new one where my brain  goes into very brief panic mode.  It’s a “oh no!  what if the hole closes up in the 3 seconds this will take and I can’t get the new one it?!!”  sort of thing.  Physiologically impossible, but I can’t quite convince the more irrational parts of my psyche of that fact.

New mic-key in without a hitch, the hole did not close up (and I even took a few extra seconds to snap a photo. Bold, I know!) extension attached and ready for lunch….all before the song “We are the pirates who don’t do anything” is even over.  It actually takes me longer to change Lexi’s earrings.


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