10 on 10…the March edition

Today didn’t go as planned.  It was supposed to be our first outing since Tatyanna’s hospital stay in December.  The lung issues that she has had over the past few weeks seemed to have cleared and I thought a trip out would be good for us all.  Note, where I live, during the winter months, “out” is really only trips to super fun places like the grocery store or the mall.  There is nothing else.  Really.  But at this point, a trip to Safeway is on par with Disney World and I was optimistic that there would be opportunities for some fun photos.  Unfortunately Battens decided to rear its ugly head and we began the day with a particularly nasty seizure, the third one in as many days.  Home it is.   Alas.

While Tatyanna slept off the effects of the seizure, Lexi decided that she was feeling the creative bug today and felt that her dad made the perfect canvas.  He did not quite share in her enthusiasm.

We decided to channel her artistic energy onto paper instead.

Looking better. 🙂


Followed by more art….

There should have been an after photo here….but I remembered….. after.  This is why I will never be a good food photographer.

Loose teeth must be wiggled…always.

Fingers crossed and hoping that next month’s 10 on 10 will feature slightly less couch.  I am so very ready for winter to be over!

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3 Responses to “10 on 10…the March edition”

  1. Staci says:

    Hi Janelle- beautiful photos. Love the sweet photo with daddy and his 2 beautiful girls. Food photos are great- I think you may have a second career there! To me those are so hard!!!! Wishing u a warmer fun adventure next month:)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi There! I just wanted to let you know I just paid my fees for Laps for Life and am looking forward to doing a little running for Tatyanna and the rest of your family.

    You have a beautiful family and I am happy I get to help support you in a very small way.



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