so very behind!

I feel awful.  Things have gotten more than a little dusty around here and I’m truly sorry!  I could offer a thousand excuses but truthfully they would be just that…..excuses and I appreciate you more than that.

All things considered, we’re doing ok.  Tatyanna seems to have hit a bit of a plateau and the chest issues that she has been plagued with since early February seem to be abating….maybe?   I finally feel like I can breathe….just a little…. and trips to essential places like the bathroom or more importantly, the keurig, no longer require strategic planning and much haste.

We are hoping that her health continues to improve and that we will be able to make an appearance as a complete family at this:



The weather looks like it will finally be spring’y….my elusive teen age crew is on board and eager and it’s going to be an awesome day!  If you live in the Winnipeg area, we would love to see you there!

(if you don’t have time to pre-register or function on a spur of the moment schedule (which I totally understand!) feel free to just show up the morning of the event…..to run…walk….or just say hi.)


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2 Responses to “so very behind!”

  1. ERIC says:

    When in doubt, write! Just as you kick yourself for missing an opportunity for a photograph, a written moment will not be the same when recalled from a distant past. Your photographs tell us much about your family but your writing will one day teach you about yourself.
    All the best wishes for calm and health, mustered from far away, under…tedious circumstances.

    (By the way I left you a message on facebook, which is languishing there, most luxuriously I’m certain, in wait of a response)

    • admin says:

      I will fully admit that there has been more than a little self doubt…which makes the whole writing thing a little difficult. If only Tatyanna’s struggle was the only one we are currently facing. Unfortunately life seems to have donned its boxing gloves as of late and the punches are coming from all directions. Getting through the day has required the acumen of a tight rope walker….focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward but never looking around. Photos sit unedited on my computer and entries remain unpublished fragments, while I keep myself distracted by learning Mandarin and Russian while doing chest physio. (As long as I make it sound fun, Tatyanna doesn’t mind….she will be trilingual…but nonverbal in no time.)

      I think of you and Segev often and continue to pray for peace and strength for you both. Tatyanna has recently been battling some significant chest/secretion issues and I have found myself drawing upon the strength conveyed in your own writing as hours are spent doing continued chest physio, neb treatments etc all to keep her sats at an acceptable level.

      (I feel terrible that your facebook comment was left hanging for so long! I really should finally add some images to that page and stop avoiding it.)



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